SafeDon Cuff-First System

Current problem with hand hygiene

Performing proper hand hygiene is the most important step to reduce cross-contamination. International studies continue to show low compliance with hand hygiene routines.

It only takes ONE unclean hand to infect a traditional glove box

Touching the glove box itself and the gloves inside with contaminated hands, increases the risk of cross-contamination …

Contaminated gloves and glove boxes increase the risk of cross-contamination and reduce the safety of both user and patient alike

And we have the solution …

The solution

Each constitutes savings to the Hospital expenses itself

A vital part of your Infection Control System

By dispensing the gloves Cuff FIRST, compliance is automatically engineered into every glove box and  offer obvious benefits compared to the traditional exam glove dispensing system:

The system prevents the users from touching other gloves inside the box reducing CROSS CONTAMINATION The glove’s most CRITICAL SURFACES - thumb, fingers and palm area are not touched
Concealed glove box reduces AIRBORNE CONTAMINATION on the gloves. AQL 2.5 MEDICAL GRADE QUALITY and compliant with BS EN 455
CUFF FIRST system prevents gloves from sticking together and dispensing more than one at a time, REDUCING WASTAGE. CUFF FIRST individual dispensing system provides easier and quicker donning of each glove.
Single dispensing design ensures every dispenser is used to the last glove, REDUCING WASTAGE as much as 35%. Compact wall holder design saves valuable space and keeps boxes away from infected surfaces
SafeDon Gloves come in compact dispenser of

50 and 200 pcs of gloves

Dispenser diameter : 16cm(H)x13cm(L)x12.5cm(W)

Wall dispensers ensure users never need to touch the box

The Green Advantage

Compact Packaging

The highly efficient and compact SafeDon Dispensing system, reduces transportation, and improves overall logistic costs compared to traditional exam glove boxes.

The advanced SafeDon packaging design reduces cardboard waste by as much as 25% compared to traditional exam glove packaging.